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How to Lower Soil pH in my Lawn

Are you wondering how to lower soil pH in your lawn? No worries! Jonathan Green is here to help. In order to lower soil pH, use Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil, which not only rapidly balances soil pH, but also loosens hard and compacted soil. Mag-I-Cal Plus soil amendment comes in two varieties, one for acidic soils and one for alkaline, so it can help no matter if you want to raise or lower your soil pH. 

When you have an alkaline soil pH, the grass roots cannot suck up all the nutrients in the soil, making your grass light green and spindly. In order to have a beautiful lawn, you need healthy soil!

Video Transcript

You’ve probably heard that acidic soils are bad for your lawn. On the other side of the bad lawn coin, there’s alkaline soil where too many hydroxide ions spoil the pH party. 

Back in the Cretaceous period much of the Midwest was an ocean which caused a huge buildup of alkaline salt in the soil. The most common alkaline salt is calcium carbonate or lime, and some areas out west have excessive amounts of it called free lime. Free lime not only raises soil pH but blocks attempt to lower it because lime naturally neutralizes acidic soil. To make matters worse, hard clay-like soils and less rainfall allow lime and other salts to build up and your lawn to give up! Because when soils become too alkaline key plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron become insoluble so your grass can’t drink them up. 

So, if your pH is off lawn fertilizer nutrients are wasted and never get absorbed by grass plants. How can you correct alkaline soil? Get sulfur and gypsum to oust your unwanted salts. Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus for Alkaline and Hard Soils has triple action sulfur to lower pH. Plus, super concentrated gypsum to loosen hard soil, drain out salts, and increase root growth. Plus it has iron humates to enhance microbial activity and soil health.

An annual diet of Mag-I-Cal Plus with slow-release nitrogen-based lawn fertilizers can neutralize and loosen even the most alkaline soil. Get your soil back in balance with Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus.