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Bulk Grass Seed

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Buying grass seed in bulk allows you to save money by purchasing large quantities of grass seed at a discount. It is an affordable way to stock up on grass seed before needing it.

The Jonathan Green line of Black Beauty grass seeds grows roots as long as four feet, allowing them to tap into moisture that most other grass root systems cannot reach. A wax-like coating over each blade helps preserve moisture.

One bag of Black Beauty grass seed covers as much as 2,800 square feet, which saves you even more money on your annual lawn care program. The Black Beauty line of grass seed represents the ideal cool-season type of grass that withstands the damage done by disease and insects. The grass grows in clay or sandy soil and in full sun or partially shady areas of your yard.

Tips for Buying Grass Seed

Shopping for grass seed is like shopping for other types of lawn and garden products. You must follow a few tips that ensure you pay for quality without busting your home improvement budget.

Low-Cost Seed Results in a Poorly Developed Lawn

“You get what you pay for” is an appropriate saying for buying grass seed. In general, grass seeds that grow into healthy, beautiful lawns cost more than poor-quality seeds that fail to germinate or develop into visually unappealing blades. Your lawn should last for many years, so you may want to budget more money for the highest quality grass seed, such as those offered by Jonathan Green.

Avoid Paying for Extras

Although buying grass seed in bulk represents a fiscally savvy strategy, you want to make sure you are getting grass seed and not extras such as dirt, seed hulls, wood chips, and other debris. Some grass seed producers use these items to add weight to bags and charge customers more even though they are getting less.

Look for Diversity

You should have at least 20% species diversity in your seed. The more diversity, the stronger and lusher the grass that will grow from it.  Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed, Black Beauty® Sun & Shade Grass Seed, and Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed are all excellent blends that will help you grow a thick, hearty, and beautiful lawn.

Whatever type of grass seed you decide to buy, Jonathan Green offers a soil treatment called Organic Lawn Food 10-0-1, a nutrient-rich type of lawn food that encourages the growth of strong grass blades. If your lawn experiences drought or has one or more bare areas, our popular lawn food is easy to spread when the time comes to treat the soil.

If you want to buy bulk grass seed or learn more about growing a healthy, beautiful lawn, visit our website or discuss your lawn care needs with the professionals at your nearest independent lawn and garden center.

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