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How to Repair Bald Spots in Your Lawn

Seeding Lawn Basics
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Are you suffering with bald spots in your lawn? Find out what causes them and how to repair them from the knowledgeable experts at Jonathan Green.

At Jonathan Green, we have specialized in beautiful lawns since 1881. Six generations of the family have worked to perfect our genetically superior grass seed and our family of lawn and soil care products. Our products will transform every aspect of your lawn to help it thrive like never before.

We are also leaders in organics and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care called the New American Lawn Plan. The Plan combines our Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures with organic and traditional soil amendments, lawn fertilizers and control products that feed your lawn AND your soil so air, water and nutrients get absorbed by the grass.

What Causes the Problem?

  • Hard or compacted soil can make it difficult for grass seed to grow because the roots are unable to access the air and soil nutrients they need to grow.
  • Shade from trees, buildings, and other objects can cause thin grass growth, straggly grass, and bare patches. There may be dead spots in the lawn because those areas are not getting enough sunlight.
  • Fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and some insect repellants can cause brown spots if spilled or applied too heavily. If not applied properly, these products could burn the grass.
  • Lawn diseases and insects like soil surface-feeding chinch bugs and sub-soil feeding white grubs, can cause thin, patchy grass.
  • The family dog if it urinates on the lawn can also be a culprit for some of the brown spots that appear in your lawn.

Fixing the Problem

The best solution is to overseed the lawn or introduce some fresh seed into the bald areas. We recommend either Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed or Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed:

  • Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed is most similar to what is grown on sod farms. The seed mixture contains exclusive, elite varieties of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.  These cool season grasses grow a naturally dark-green and beautiful lawn with excellent heat and drought tolerance.  Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed germinates in about 14 days and will improve any lawn it is overseeded into.
  • Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed is specially formulated for successful fall seeding after Labor Day. It contains several cool season grass types, including Black Beauty® tall fescues. Use it in sunny and shady lawn areas on established lawns or to start a new lawn from scratch. Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed germinates in about 14 days and provides an attractive, thicker, greener lawn.

Before overseeding, it’s important to encourage good seed-to-soil contact. Clean out the dead grass, remove weeds, and get rid of rocks, sticks or other debris. Jonathan Green Love Your Soil® will loosen compacted soil and aerate it to give the new roots a better chance to grow. It will also feed the soil microbes, making the soil more alive and porous, and enhance root development.

Use a soil pH tester to ensure that the soil pH is between 6.2 and 7.0. To balance the pH and help the lawn grow greener and healthier, use Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL®. It can be applied the same day as you introduce the grass seed.

Discover how to repair bald spots in your lawn by visiting Jonathan Green online, or your nearest independent garden center or hardware store where you will get reliable lawn and garden advice.

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