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Feed Your Lawn and Feed Your Soil!

Lawn Basics
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The Watch Word for good lawn care is: FEED YOUR LAWN AND FEED YOUR SOIL!

We thought, back in March that we would still have snow on the ground in parts of the northeast. Our spring is breaking slowly, but fairly normal this year. There are still things you can do to improve your lawn. Especially if irrigation is available. Jonathan Green features a number of superior grass seed mixes. Black Beauty® Original Grass Seed, Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed, Black Beauty® Sunny Grass Seed, Black Beauty® Sun & Shade Grass Seed, and Black Beauty® Dense Shade Grass Seed to name a few.

And of course you’ve still got to deal with crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface insects, and grubs!

If you feel that an early application of crabgrass control might not carry you through the hot summer months, you may want to put down an application of CRABGRASS & WEED CONTROL with Dimension, to get complete control throughout summer. It contains no fertilizer.

If you’ve already put down an application of Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, and still have a broadleaf weed problem, Lawn Weed Control with Trimec, is very effective, and contains no fertilizer. It has great control on a wide variety of broadleaf weeds.

There are a number of superior Jonathan Green fertilizers. A favorite that will provide you with an additional measure of success is our New BLACK BEAUTY ORGANIC LAWN FERTILIZER. An 8-0-3 fertilizer that combines controlled release Nitrogen, with 2% iron, which will give that initial blush of green. Additionally, it features Hydretain, which acts as “Water Magnets” that absorbs and retains 25% more moisture. Of course, if June stays relatively mild in temperature, a great fertilizer is our GREEN UP. A 29-0-3 fertilizer, with organic humates, and slow release.

Don’t forget grub and insect control! Mid June is a great time to apply preventative grub control. Our Natural Grub & Lawn Insect Control, with Imidacloprid (Merit), will do a fine job of preventing grub damage BEFORE it starts, and surface insect control for those other pests we want to eliminate. Make sure you water in heavy, after application.

TICKS! This has become a serious problem, drawing more and more attention. Use a combination product like Summer Survival Insect Control with Lawn Fertilizer with Bifenthrin or our Organic Insect Control.

Summer is the time to try some Organics! Remember, Feed Your Lawn AND Your Soil! You have choices: NEW on the market is Love Your Soil®. This is a super charged organic fertilizer that contains L-amino acids, iron, sulfur, calcium, and Gypsum, for relief from soil compaction. Also, NATURAL BEAUTY 10-0-1, Super rich in HUMATES. It will give a quick, and slow release greening, AND will aid in the release of natural nutrients in your soil. Remember, all of these organic products will give your lawn a gentle feeding through the hot summer months.

Good Luck, and keep positive.

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