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Lawn Food for Fall

Fertilizing Fall
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Fall is a great time of year for lawn tasks. This includes food that will keep it green late into the year and help it survive through the winter. Even if you fed your lawn once this fall, twice is better.  The grass plants can build up some food reserves and roots can still develop late into the fall season. You can even plant new grass seed at this time of year and have excellent success.

The Jonathan Green company is built upon time-honored tradition and innovative scientific research. For six generations, we have studied turfgrass and what it needs to thrive, creating products that provide lasting results year after year. Today, we use the latest scientific technology to test all of our products to ensure that they will perform on your lawn. Our goal is to help you create a beautifully green, healthy lawn for you and your family.

Feed It

We developed our New American Lawn Care Plan as an easy way to explain what and when to feed your lawn and how to do it.

In September or October, plan to get your lawn ready to survive the winter. Winter Survival Fall Lawn Fertilizer is designed to keep your lawn fed through the winter so that it’s healthy enough to fend off late winter/early spring turf diseases such as pink or gray snow mold.

The well-balanced formula contains iron, sulfur and 25% slow release nitrogen that keep the lawn a deep-green color. Apply it in September and again in November near Thanksgiving.  These two feedings will thicken your lawn, promote root growth to help protect the lawn from winter stress, and store nutrients for the spring.

Control the Weeds

You can effectively control broadleaf weeds in early fall.  Weeds are still actively growing at this time of year, but the lawn is under less heat and drought stress compared to the summer months. Even though the dreaded dandelion flowers are not so prevalent, the familiar dandelion spiked leaves will often be visible.

Use a product like Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control. The improved three-way formula with Trimec® provides broadleaf weed control of more than 200 lawn weeds, including dandelion, clover, chickweed, purslane, plantain, oxalis, spurge, etc. This is a straight weed control product; it does not contain any fertilizer, so there is no possibility of overfeeding the grass.

Apply Lawn Weed Control to moist grass, and avoid mowing for 2 days before and after application. Do not water for 2 days after application. If you intend to apply grass seed, you can apply it 4 weeks after applying Lawn Weed Control.

Seed It

Fall is a fabulous time of the year to apply grass seed to your lawn.  The cooler days and nights and rainfall patterns are more consistent and favor grass growth. Also, by early fall, soil temperatures have warmed up. This allows for better germination and your newly planted grass should flourish for months.

Invest in a good lawn spreader. It will make fertilizing and treating your lawn through the fall and the rest of the year much easier. Jonathan Green New American Lawn Standard and Deluxe Rotary spreaders have air filled, (pneumatic) tires that make them easy to push and there are spreader setting for all Jonathan Green products. Both models have been very popular with those who have used them.

If you need more advice on lawn food for fall or about tending to your beautiful new lawn once the grass seeds germinate, visit Jonathan Green online or your nearest independent retail store where they will answer any questions you may have.

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