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How can I improve heavy clay soil?


Clay soil can generally prove to be beneficial for the lawn, as its composition helps your grass to retain water and nutrients, however, heavy, compacted clay soil can present problems for overall grass growth. In order to prevent clay soil from becoming compacted, you should focus on improving the composition and overall quality of the soil. 


You can improve the quality of clay soil with these tips:


Aerate clay soil

Core aeration can help to prevent compaction in clay soil by breaking up hard clay and allowing beneficial nutrients, water, and air to easily travel through to the lawn’s root system. The effects of core aeration are only temporary in relieving compacted clay soil, however, as the air holes that are created will eventually fill in after a few months. 


Add soil amendments to heavy clay soil

Adding beneficial soil amendments to clay soil, such as Love Your Soil®, can also help to break up hardened clay, loosen compaction and improve its quality. The humates in Love Your Soil® help to stimulate beneficial microbes in the soil that break down organic matter. This helps air, water, and nutrients travel to your lawn’s root system and ultimately improves the overall composition of the soil. 


Add organic matter

Adding about six to eight inches of organic matter, such as leaf compost or untreated grass clippings, can help to relieve compaction in heavy, clay soils. This will also help improve problems with drainage and the overall structure of the soil. When selecting organic material to add, remember to not use sand, as it can cause more compaction in clay soils. 


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