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What is Love Your Soil®?


Love Your Soil® is a soil amendment product that is derived from gypsum to loosen compacted soil and improve soil aeration. It also stimulates soil microbial life and aids in improving root penetration and overall grass growth.


When the soil is compacted, it’s harder for nutrients and water to travel to your grass’s root system. In highly compacted soils, turfgrass roots may stop growing or growth can be dramatically reduced. This can negatively affect plant growth and in severe situations eventually cause your lawn to die altogether. 


Love Your Soil® is formulated with humates, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses, to stimulate beneficial microbes that help break down organic matter. Making your soil richer in nutrients, Love Your Soil® ultimately helps water and air travel better to your lawn’s root system. 


This nutrient-packed soil food can be used when seeding or sodding and is best applied to a dry lawn during the spring, summer, and fall months in temperatures of 65ºF or above. 


For complete specifications, application directions, and spreader settings, visit our Love Your Soil® product page!

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