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Lawn Fertilizer for Alkaline Soil

Do you need lawn fertilizer for alkaline soil? The experts at Jonathan Green can help you choose the very best products to green up your grass and help your lawn reach its full potential.

Since 1881, Jonathan Green has specialized in beautiful lawns. Six generations of the Green family have worked to perfect our genetically superior grass seed and our family of lawn and soil care products. Jonathan Green products will transform every aspect of your lawn to help it thrive like never before.

Whether you have an established or newly seeded lawn, it will perform best when fed four times during the growing season from spring through fall, with each feeding applied 2 to 3 months apart.

Newly Seeded Lawns

To fertilize a newly seeded lawn and help it survive the stresses of summer and winter, try Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding. It will help new seeds sprout quickly to develop deep, dense roots and a thicker, fuller lawn. The formula contains 1% iron to fortify the grass and give it a deep shade of natural green color and 30% slow-release nitrogen to give the lawn the nutrients it needs in a time-released formula.

Early summer is the perfect time to feed your lawn organically because the soil is warm and the microbes are active. Apply Organic Lawn Food because it contains food-grade organic ingredients, such as feather meal, blood meal, bone meal, wheat shorts, and molasses. Use it on either newly seeded or sodded lawns or established lawns in the spring, summer or fall.

From early September through late-November, fertilize your lawn with Winter Survival Fall Lawn Fertilizer. The high potassium formula helps promote deep rooting and contains nitrogen to help repair summer damage. If you spread Winter Survival early in the fall, apply it again in the first week of November to safeguard the lawn over the winter and enjoy greener grass early next spring.

Established Lawns

Lawns thrive in slightly acidic to neutral soil with pH levels between 6.2 and 7.0. When the pH level is above 7.0, it is known as alkaline. The grass turns light green, weeds persist, fertilizer nutrients cannot get down to the roots, and the grass will not grow properly.

Jonathan Green’s Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil contains sulfur and calcium sulfate dihydrate which lowers soil pH, is important to cell development, and is vital to many grass plant functions. Poor soil that is hard and compacted is often the problem when it comes to growing a great lawn. 

Mag-I-Cal® Plus also contains humates to stimulate soil microbial life. When soil chemistry and biology are balanced, nutrients from lawn foods are not wasted and the grass will thrive.

If you have dandelions and broadleaf weeds in your lawn, use Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer in late spring or early to mid-fall when the weeds are actively growing. This premium grade herbicide and lawn fertilizer combination controls weeds while feeding the lawn. The 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer promotes lush green growth for up to 3 months while controlling and eliminating over 250 broadleaf weeds.

By understanding the basics about lawn fertilizer, you will have no trouble picking the best products for alkaline soil with confidence. Jonathan Green’s selection of top-quality fertilizers can help your lawn reach its full potential.

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