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Lawn Fertilizer Safe for Dogs

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Is the lawn fertilizer you use safe for your dogs? When you want the best of both worlds – a lush lawn and a healthy dog – you can keep your pets safe by making sure the fertilizer is pet-friendly. Jonathan Green can help.

About Us

Jonathan Green supplies genetically superior cool season grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizer, and organic lawn and garden products to professional customers, such as sod growers and independent retailers, throughout United States.

We are also leaders in organics and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care called the New American Lawn Plan. The Plan combines our Black Beauty grass seed mixtures with organic and traditional soil amendments, lawn fertilizers and control products that feed your lawn AND your soil so air, water and nutrients get absorbed by the grass.

Can Lawn Fertilizer Be Harmful to Pets?

Dogs are skilled at getting into places where they don’t belong. They enjoy smelling the ground and poking their noses into holes. Unfortunately, that is exactly where your lawn fertilizer goes before it gets absorbed into the ground.

According to many veterinarians, commercial synthetic fertilizers often contain mixtures of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in concentrations that are potent enough to cause problems in pets that eat the grass or spend a lot of time playing and rolling around on the lawn. Those problems include:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Muscle tremors
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

It’s not necessary to neglect your lawn in order to protect your dog or other pets, but you should thoroughly check the labels to determine the safety of a fertilizer product and follow all instructions about waiting periods after application. The label may suggest keeping the dog off the lawn for a specified time period, usually about 24 hours.

Choose Our Organic Fertilizer

Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food is a complex, organic lawn food that promotes strong grass growth. It can also rejuvenate a thin, stressed lawn by adding organic content to the soil. The easy-to-spread granules can be used on established and newly seeded lawns or when sodding.

Organic Lawn Food contains food-grade organic ingredients, such as feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, wheat shorts and molasses, which help to improve soil structure and the water holding capacity of the soil. Your lawn will also be better able to withstand environmental stress.

Children and pets may re-enter use the lawn area after application this organic fertilizer is applied.

Key product features:

  • Pet-friendly
  • Complex, all-organic lawn food
  • Promotes strong grass growth
  • Use on established and newly seeded lawns or when sodding
  • Use in spring, summer or fall

Another excellent option is Jonathan Green Love Your Soil®, an all-natural, organic soil food that contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses, and will loosen and aerate the soil. It will also stimulate soil microbes, make the soil more alive and porous, enhance root development, and create a biologically healthy soil.

Love Your Soil® is environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and pets. It can be applied the same day as grass seed and works best when the soil temperature is at least 55°F or warmer.

Stop worrying and choose a lawn fertilizer from Jonathan Green that is safe for your dogs. For help, visit Jonathan Green online or your nearest independent hardware or home and garden store for advice.

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