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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

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When you want the best for your lawn, your family, and the environment, you want organic lawn fertilizer – a high-quality lawn fertilizer that is made from all organic food sources and is guaranteed to be safe for your family and your pets. At Jonathan Green, we’ve formulated such a fertilizer, and we know that you’ll find our entire organic line of products to be very special.

Jonathan Green is a company that is built upon time-honored tradition and innovative scientific research. For five generations, we have studied turfgrass and what it needs to thrive, creating products that provide lasting results year after year. Today, we use the latest scientific technology to test all of our products to make sure that they will perform on your lawn. The end result being a beautifully green, healthy lawn for you and your family.

Organic Lawn Food 10-0-1

When it comes to organic products, many other companies use low energy manures, such as chicken and turkey manure as ingredients in their organic fertilizers, but, at Jonathan Green, we only use high energy feed grade sources, such as feather meal, soybean meal, molasses and wheat middlings. Organic Lawn Food 10-0-1 works over time to strengthen your lawn and give it the nutrients it needs. It also treats the soil by improving the structure and water-holding capacity. This product is perfect for revitalizing thinning or stressed lawns as well as for giving your lawn the strength it needs to hold up to environmental stresses.

How to Use Organic Lawn Food

Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food 10-0-1 is great for newly seeded lawns or existing lawns. It is best to spread it on grass or soil that is dry and then water it in. For established lawns that are already doing well, you want to spread 20 lbs. of Organic Lawn Food over 5,000 sq. ft. For newly seeded lawns or lawns that are thinning, a higher concentration of 20 lbs. over 2,500 sq. ft. is needed. It can be applied any time in the spring, summer or fall and will consistently feed your lawn for eight to ten weeks.

The important thing to remember when using organic lawn products is that they do not work instantly. Unlike fast release chemical fertilizers that are immediately absorbed by the grass leaves, stems, crown and finally the roots organic fertilizers are absorbed by the microbes in the soil and feed the roots of the grass plants. This is how the grass plant is meant to feed through its roots.

This is the important difference between organic fertilization and traditional fast release fertilizers. Organic fertilizers built deep roots while chemical, fast release fertilizers feed the grass plant but bypass much of the plants root system. Turfgrass without a deep and well-developed root system will succumb more easily to heat, disease and insect stresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Organic Products?

Organic products are safe to use, which means that your family and your pets can use the lawn immediately after any of our organic products are spread. They are better for the environment and can even be better for your lawn. Organic fed lawns have stronger, deeper roots that are able to withstand environmental stress and pests. Lawns grow so thick that no room is left for weeds to invade.

What About Pest Control?

Pest control can be organic too! Our Organic Insect Control kills and repels over 100 different insects, including ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, chinch bugs and mealy worms. We use a patented blend of plant oils, which is how plants defend themselves, as a natural insect repellent. The plant oils only affect detrimental lawn insects and not beneficial insects such as lady bugs or the earth worms which aerify and build topsoil. Our Organic Insect Control is completely safe for pets, other mammals, birds and fish.

At Jonathan Green, we have spent years perfecting our organic lawn fertilizer and our organic family of lawn care products. We are confident that you will have a healthy green lawn that is safe for your family, your pets and the environment. Visit us online at JonathanGreen.com or find our products at your local independent retailer.

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