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Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

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Fertilizing your lawn is important because it will keep it looking good, maximize the dark green color, and help it better tolerate seasonal turf stresses, such as heat, drought, and cold. If you have a pet, however, you will want to apply a pet-friendly fertilizer so you won’t have to worry about his or her safety. Jonathan Green has some great tips.

Lush green lawns are our business. We are innovators and leaders in creating the finest quality grass seed and have been working on our genetically superior grass seed since 1881. Today, Jonathan Green has an entire line of lawn care products that can turn any lawn into one that is healthy and green.

Is Lawn Fertilizer Harmful to Pets?

Synthetic chemical fertilizers can cause gastrointestinal problems in pets that eat the grass or spend an extensive amount of time rolling about on the lawn. While it isn’t necessary to neglect your lawn to protect your pet, you should be selective about the ingredients in the fertilizer products and follow all instructions about waiting periods after application.

Organic Fertilizer

Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food is a complex, organic lawn food that promotes strong grass growth. It can also rejuvenate a thin, stressed lawn by adding organic content to the soil. The easy-to-spread granules can be used on established and newly seeded lawns or when sodding.

Organic Lawn Food contains food-grade organic ingredients, such as feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, wheat shorts and molasses, which help to improve soil structure and the water holding capacity of the soil. Your lawn will also be better able to withstand environmental stress.

Children and pets may use the lawn area after this organic fertilizer is applied.

Key product features:

  • Complex, all organic lawn food
  • Promotes strong grass growth
  • Use on established or newly seeded lawns or when sodding
  • Use in spring, summer or fall
  • Pet-friendly

The organic approach to lawn care takes time. Be patient, since nature needs time to break down nutrients.

Jonathan Green Love Your Soil® is an all-natural, organic soil food that contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses, and will loosen and aerate the soil. It will also stimulate soil microbes, make the soil more alive and porous, enhance root development, and create a biologically healthy soil. Love Your Soil® can be applied the same day as grass seed and works best when the soil temperature is 55°F or warmer. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and pets.

Traditional Fertilizers

Jonathan Green Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer controls 250 types of broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. It feeds the lawn for up to three months while killing weeds down to the root. Apply Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer in the spring and fall when weeds are actively growing.

In order to penetrate the weeds and kill them faster, it should be applied to damp leaves and should stay on them for as long as possible. In order to work properly, they should not be watered in.

Do not mow your lawn for a few days after application, and avoid unnecessary disturbances for 48 hours after application. During this time, the chemical control will have moved from the plant leaves to the roots. Wait three days after spreading and it will be safe for people and pets to re-enter the lawn area.

Keep your pet safe outdoors by making sure your lawn fertilizer is pet-friendly. Visiting Jonathan Green online to learn more, or contact your nearest independent retail store for valuable lawn care advice.

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