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Best Lawn Food for Spring

Fertilizing Spring
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Jonathan Green has been growing beautiful lawns for six generations. When you need reliable information about the best food to apply to your lawn in spring, we can help.

About Us

Our ancestor and founder, Jonathan Green, began experimenting with turf grass in England in 1881 to create lawn bowling greens in the border country between England and Scotland. He chose turf grass varieties with uniform leaf texture, good color and superior wear tolerance, and went on to construct lush bowling greens in towns such as Chorley and Kirkby Malham in northern England.  We continue to build on the foundation he laid years ago. Today, Jonathan Green is a major supplier of grass seed, organics, and traditional fertilizer and weed, insect and disease control products to both independent retailers and professional lawn care markets. We also have our own turf grass breeding program where genetically superior turf grasses, such as those found in our Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures, have been developed. A Black Beauty® lawn will redefine your idea of what a good lawn is supposed to look like. We encourage you to read more about Jonathan Green’s revolutionary New American Lawn Plan, which will help you care for your lawn and encourage it to thrive. The secret of our program is improving the foundation of your lawn, the SOIL!

Spring Feeding for Lawn & Soil

If you have too much crabgrass each year, create a better growing environment for desirable grass to grow instead of crabgrass. For the best results, apply Veri-Green Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer in spring. This product controls crabgrass before and after it germinates and contains the newest crabgrass-killing technology named Dimension® Crabgrass Control Herbicide. To rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds and dandelions, apply Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer in late spring (or fall) when the broadleaf weeds are actively growing. It feeds desirable grasses with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for up to 3 months, and features a 3-way action that kills weeds down to the root. Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food can be used in spring, summer or fall on newly seeded and established lawns or when sodding. It promotes strong grass growth and helps improve soil structure as well as the soil’s water holding capacity. When your lawn and soil are in harmony, the natural balance will ward off most weeds, insects and diseases, and improve the heat and cold tolerance of your grass. The soil will become more permeable and alive, allowing water, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil more deeply and establish a better foundation for the grass to flourish. Jonathan Green has two key products that can be applied on the same day, one after the other, and, since they are both organic soil enhancers, you can’t apply too much.  We recommend you spread these products twice a year, once in the spring and once again in late summer or early fall. MAG-I-CAL® Soil Food helps balance the soil pH and, at the same time, helps the lawn grow greener and healthier. When the pH is balanced, the grass will be able to absorb minerals and nutrients that were previously locked in the soil and unavailable to the grass plants. Love Your Soil® contains a special formula of soil-reviving ingredients that encourage soil microbes to break down nutrients while, at the same time, loosening hard-packed soil for greater air, water, root and nutrient penetration. Love Your Soil® enhances root and root mass development and is effective on all turf grass varieties. Explore more information about the best lawn food for spring by visiting Jonathan Green online, or contact your nearest independent garden center or hardware store for valuable lawn and garden advice.

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